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Types of MLM Software Solutions

When developing or selecting MLM software, it's essential to consider the specific requirements of your MLM business model and the scalability and flexibility of the software to support your long-term growth and success

Binary Plan

It's a compensation plan, allows signing 2 distributors. Pairs can be matched in a defined ratio e.g 1:2, 2:1, 1:1

Generation Plan

In this plan, all the directs of a single sponsor are considered as the first level of the sponsor.

Matrix Plan

Members in this plan are organized in a particular width and depth.

Stair Step Plan

It starts like an Pay Uni-level Plan where there are an unlimited number of front line positions.

Australian Binary Plan

Here, members are independent to choose options to refer more than two direct recruits.

Hybrid Compensation Plan

A combination of 2 or more traditional compensation plans, i.e. binary and uni-level plan.

Matrix Compensation Plan

Navigating the Software is so quick, that you will be amazed, and pleasent about it.

Revolving Matrix Plan

This plan works on Feeder Board and Main Board. Starts with Feeder Board.

Party Plan

Party plan focused on selling the product & the personal commission is based on the product sold.

Uni-Level Plan

It is an unlimited width plan, that allows you to sponsor only one level/generation of distributors.

Single Leg Plan

It is a attractive compensation plan with no limit or no mandatory level for this plan to work.

Custom Plan Development

We also provide custom compensation plans as per the requirements of the direct sales company.

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